As software testing continues to grow as one of the most important components of the modern application development and testing industry, testers are starting to visualize immense career growth in the coming years. Moreover, adopting modern software testing technologies like test automation, regression testing, and quality assurance testing will further boost the possibilities for growth in this segment. It is also important for the testers and developers to have proper communication skills to collaborate and maintain a smooth application development and testing life cycle.

With this article, we will explore some of the most important features, knowledge, and expertise that will allow the testers to qualify for a bright career in quality assurance testing. We will also understand some of the best practices the developers can implement to improve their presence in this market.

Modern App Testing Standards

Currently, multiple types of applications are available in the market, including native apps, cross-platform apps, and even hybrid apps. These apps are unique regarding their code infrastructure, intentions, and target audience. For instance, certain apps can perform multiple functions simultaneously by accessing different elements simultaneously. On the other hand, app developers can create cross-platform apps that are compatible with multiple devices like desktops, smartphones, and even tablets. So, it becomes a very challenging process to test the proper functioning of all these elements.

Mobile app testing is another emerging segment of the modern app industry. This is because modern mobile devices like smartphones and tablets can provide desktop-like performance while fitting in the pockets of the end users. 

So, surveys suggest that mobile devices dominate almost 55% of the user base. This data justifies that providing the compatibility of applications on mobile devices is another parameter that helps app companies to expand their user base constantly. The most popular mobile platform is Android which has over 70% of users, followed by iOS and Windows. However, all mobile devices are unique in terms of hardware and software specifications which leads to certain unavoidable complications in the test environment.

Modern testing processes like test automation can help developers massively improve the accuracy and simplicity of the testing environment. For instance, the app developers can use test automation to automatically run the test cases on different data sets, parameters, and statistics. All these data are provided by a series of pre-written test files, also known as automation test scripts. The primary motive of test automation is to verify the stability, usability, and ease of user interaction on the app. By properly implementing test automation, the developers can use the following upsides in the testing environment:

  • Since automation testing does not rely on human interaction, the developers can configure the test environment to run these test cases 24 hours round the clock, even on non-business days. Moreover, removing human intervention also helps to boost the accuracy of the test cases and the test reports.
  • Automation testing is highly suited for repetitive test cases like regression testing, data analysis testing, and unit testing. By implementing test automation in these segments, app developers can save a lot of time in the application testing process and use it for developing new features for future updates.
  • The automation testing environment also supports the integration of dedicated tools and platforms for improving the efficiency and quality of the application that is currently being developed.
  • By properly implementing test automation, developers can also improve their resources and time efficiency for the app development company. For instance, in the long run, automation testing eliminates the hassle, expense, and headache of maintaining a human testing team.

Using LambdaTest for Modern Test Automation

Perform automation testing with the help of cloud services like LambdaTest can be advantageous. LambdaTest is an AI-powered test orchestration and execution platform that lets you run manual and automated tests at scale with over 3000+ real devices, browsers, and OS combinations. App developers can perform real device test cases through remote servers. LambdaTest also helps combine the test reports from real devices and simulators to boost the accuracy of the test reports.

By using the LambdaTest real device testing cloud, the app developers can elevate test automation parameters in the following ways:

  • The real device testing cloud not only provides access to thousands of real devices but also hundreds of legacy and outdated browser versions for further extending the app compatibility to older device configurations.
  • While using this platform for executing automation testing, the developers can run the test cases in the native environment from various frameworks like Selenium, Playwright, Appium, and Cypress. LambdaTest natively supports the execution of Selenium test cases or more than 3000 browser versions simultaneously.
  • While using this platform for test automation, the app developers can integrate various advanced processes like automated cross-browser testing and automated regression testing using the integration of the Selenium WebDriver and the Selenium Grid. We have mentioned the code snippet for executing automated regression testing using LambdaTest:
  • Since modern applications consist of thousands of different elements that require rigorous testing, LambdaTest uses parallel test execution to initiate multiple test instances on different machines and configurations simultaneously. By properly using this feature, the app developers can wrap up the entire test suit within a few days.
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  • After executing test automation, LambdaTest natively generates a detailed test report with useful information like an elaborate test activity log, screenshots, and even videos. The artificial intelligence integrated interface of LambdaTest automatically captures this information during the execution phase to help the developers find the faulty elements during troubleshooting and debugging.
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  • In case the app developers require help with any feature of LambdaTest, they can refer to the official website that has proper documentation. To simplify this knowledge for new testers, the official website has all the information in simple language and explains it using sample test cases. The developers also have the option of receiving one-on-one support using over-the-call support, live chat, and even the mailing feature. In case the testers and developers want to discuss among themselves various issues, they can perform this process using the open-source community of LambdaTest.  

Now that you know the Modern app testing standards and how you can leverage them by using a cloud platform like LambdaTest, let us discover what is needed to qualify as a quality assurance tester.

Qualifying for A Career in Quality Assurance Testing

To qualify for a bright career in the quality assurance testing industry, the app developers and testers must incorporate the following parameters within themselves:

Role of Education

Education will play a crucial role in building the dream carrier in the segment of quality assurance testing. Some of the most important qualifications the developers must possess include a high school diploma for entry-level QA positions. However, it is very important to remember that various multinational companies prefer a bachelor’s degree in certain fields like computer science, information technology, or others. This is because these additional qualifications can open advanced or specialized roles in career opportunities.

Gaining the Required Skills

After gaining the required education, the app developers must possess the skills that will help them build their careers and collaborate with other members present in the app development team. The technical skills will help them find out various issues and also use the tools that are being implemented in the testing environment. Their analytical skills will help them to troubleshoot the bugs and errors that might appear in the application infrastructure. Finally, communication and problem-solving skills will not only help them to collaborate but will also create a positive image in front of the company managers.

Gaining the Required Practical Knowledge

Before starting a career as a permanent quality assurance tester, the application developers must gain practical knowledge using their skills and education. Some of the most important areas that they can explore include personal projects, freelancing work, and even internships. By properly using these parameters, the app developers can also learn various important parameters and standards that have been implemented in the present app market. Internship roles and comments from various recruiters will also act as a positive badge on the resume. The testers can also join various open-source communities and take part in the seminars that are being frequently conducted here.

Building a Portfolio

We would recommend that quality assurance testers invest a significant amount of time in building their portfolio and showcase their quality assurance work, including several instances of test cases, test plans, defect reports, and improvements that they have made. In this portfolio, they can also consider the prospect of including the comments they received from the senior stakeholders and managers in the company. The app developers should mention how their knowledge and experience helped improve the quality of the application that they worked on.

Implementing Certifications

The modern software development industry works on multiple certifications that help verify the security, user privacy, and reliability of the application. So to improve their position in this segment, the app developers should try gaining certifications from various reputed organizations like the International Software Testing Qualifications Board. Using these certifications, the developers can demonstrate their expertise and knowledge in their respective fields. It is also important that certifications play a critical role in app testing, as various governments can ban the apps if the developers fail to comply with these certifications.  

Preparing for the Role

After the application developers have prepared their knowledge and experience and built a strong portfolio, it is time to prepare themselves for this role. The first step in this process is to search for the perfect job by looking on various social media or recruitment platforms. After selecting the preferred option, the app developers have to prepare for the interview by going through various sample questions and improving their confidence.

The app developers can also refer to various testing communities, workshops, and online courses to prepare themselves for multiple interviews. Finally, after being selected for the job, it is very important to continuously learn about all the new integrations in this segment and keep the knowledge updated.


All the qualities that he mentioned in this article will allow testers to create a bright career in the modern quality assurance testing industry. It is also important to acknowledge the role of automation testing in all the test cases. So, the testers should constantly update their information regarding all the new additions in this segment of app development. 

Constantly monitoring the target audience will also provide vital information about their requirements for UI elements. Finally, the testers must remember that the specific QA career requirements will vary depending on their target industry and organization. They should also consider their interests and tailor their experiences accordingly. Choosing the specific niche of QA will help the developers to focus and polish their skills.