Long-sleeve dresses come in many shapes and sizes; they can be mid, maxi, or midi and can have a square, halter, or v-neck design. Every professional institution has its code of conduct that specifies what behaviors and dresses are allowed in the workspace, sometimes events demand wearing a dress that would not be normally entertained but these occasions are rare. As most dresses are filled with vibrant colors and tailored designs which are mostly frowned upon in the workspace for deviating from the work environment. A  solid choice for most working women is full-sleeve dresses with solid formal colors as they adhere to the majority of the dress code and are comfortable enough to allow you to work with ease throughout the day. This blog dives into ways you can accessorize your outfit in the work environment, adhering to the dress code and still looking your best.

Fashion Tips for Long sleeve dresses

  • Choosing an Appropriate Length is the first Criteria
    • You should opt for a dress that falls slightly above the knee as this is the professional dress code in most workspaces. You can choose from a maxi, mini, or midi dress.
  • Opting for Classic Colours
    • As some colors are considered more formal than others in the office workspace you should lean towards colors such as navy gray, black, blue, and other muted tones and stick to such classic and neutral colors.
  • Get a Tailored Fit
    • As we know first impressions last and if you get behind the 8 ball you’ll never be out in the front. People judge you based on how you are dressed, they respond to your attire at the meeting and talk about you based on how you looked while giving presentations, it is almost as important as body language to possess a dress that suits your body and promotes qualities such as fit, strong, professional, and versatile instead of loose, unfit and casual. So ensure you get a dress that fits well and gives a polished appearance.
  • Add a Belt to the Mix
    • Unlike suits or dresses with multiple layers and components to them, long sleeve dresses are singular and can sometimes be perceived as monotonous adding a belt not only breaks the stretching monotony but also highlights your waist. Some of the perfect belts to go with this fit are slim belts usually in not too-vibrant colors, we want you to stand out as a person because of your skills and smart style of clothing, not because of the lack of dressing sense.
  • You can pair the dress with Tights
    • During cold weather when it reaches almost freezing temperatures, we cant show up in layers of thick hoodies and fluffy sweaters, an easy way for women to warm up while maintaining a dashing outfit is to wear a well-fitted pair of tights but make sure that it has subtle patterns and is not too bold and that it doesn’t stand out from the rest of the outfit. This also gives away a ‘chic’ look.
  • Smartly Choose Your Accessories
    • When choosing the accessories to complement your dress go for casual pieces such as elegant earrings or a bracelet that complements the attire. Don’t pick something too flashy and make sure it does not come in the way of work. 
    • Carrying a Purse which is functional yet formal is also a must, keeping makeup that you can fix throughout the day and also keeping accessories that are unwanted at times in them.
  • Adopt multiple layers to your outfits with Cardigans and Blazers
    • This is mainly to let you move around more comfortably within the office space but to help you deal with the weather when outside as it shows a more complete outfit.
    • A cardigan is something that can be worn in plain solid colors to complement the long-sleeved dress or something vibrant for the festive season provided workspaces allow the dress code.
  • Picking Functional Footwear
    • You should choose something like a closed-toe shoe shoe for a more polished look. Pumps, loafers, and ankle boots are also a great way of complementing a long-sleeved dress.
  • Beware of the Fabric
    • Selecting the fabric of your dress is probably the most important part of your journey to be a perfectly dressed employee. Picking a fabric that is not only durable but also comfortable doesn’t get destroyed due to the elements is easily washable and can be maintained.
  • Brands
    • Even though the market is filled with luxury brands, almost every office space will frown upon you for using designed products or products from a company that they consider to be their rival. It is best to get custom-tailored dresses from private tailors or certified online marketplaces that excel in such attire.


As you navigate the dualities of office life, always remember that dressing well is not just about following the guidelines of your employer but also about expressing your very own uniqueness and expressing your unique personality, while gaining the respect of the surrounding professional environment. So, go ahead and get your very own long sleeve dresses and accessories to conquer your workspace with style at ‘HELLO MOLLY’ today!